Small bee houses for pot plants

Whilst Covid 19 lockdown will create many bad memories for some, to some extent it was my saviour.  It forced me back out into my shed for something to do.

Several years ago Jude had attended a garden show with a friend of hers and brought home some small bee houses. I had no idea what on earth they were at the time except perhaps a waste of money.  I hadn't heard of native bees at that stage and hardly knew they even existed.  These little bee houses looked to me like nothing more than a decorative pot plant item.


Well they looked easy enough.  Cut a block from some wood, drill a small hole for an entrance, another hole for a piece of steel in the bottom and that was almost it.  The most difficult part was cutting the roof to 45 degrees and making the roof to go on it.  I must admit, I did get right into it however and found them quite attractive with the myriad colours of paints I had available.

Well they took off like wildfire! Everyone wanted some around the town and we ended up selling about 60 at the very least.  That was lucky or they would all be stuck in my shed.

So the lockdown and then the slowdown in demand for the bee houses had me looking for other woodwork projects I could get into.  I found seats that folded to tables and made a couple of these. Someone then asked for a potting bench and then there were the full blown native bee houses.  I also did planter boxes for Jude which she then put mosaics on the side.

It certainly has been a busy time, but very worthwhile in so many ways.   I found I had some interesting skills I wasn't aware of and I am now looking forward to developing those further.

If you are interested in acquiring any of our woodwork or mosaic work, please contact us. We have to keep moving it on as we don't have room to store items.



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