Bird Feeder

Birds are a fantastic addition to any backyard or area.  The first way of attracting various species is with native plants that the birds are attracted to for a food source.

Secondary to that is a water source, such as a birdbath and then perhaps a feeder might help as well.  


If you are going to feed birds, don't make them dependent on you. If you go away for a few days or get sick and there's no food for them it can cause them some discomfort.  It's best to feed birds every couple of days so they continue to forage for themselves in the area.  The bird feeder will simply encourage them to come back to your garden.  Speaking of which, it's always better to have birds come and go of their own free will rather than have them in a cage. Let the birds enjoy their freedom.

Nesting boxes for the varieties that use tree hollows and the like are also a good idea.  It is possible to obtain information online with regard to dimensions to suit particular types of birds.

Here at Smashing Mosaics we have been building some small bird feeders that measure approximately 200mm square.  They are fine for smaller birds.  The bigger the birds you can attract, then the larger the feeder needs to be of course.  A roof over the feeder will keep feed dry and somewhat protected.

  Nesting box for Eastern Rosella                           We have also been building some nesting boxes for Eastern Rosellas and Red Rumped Parrots.  These are 200mm square by 400mm high.  We have successfully had many pairs of Rosellas use these boxes in the past.

Our small bird feeders are on sale for $40 which includes hooks and a chain for mounting.  They also have had 2 coats of linseed oil and turps for protection from the elements.  

Our Rosella boxes are $85 each and made from exterior ply with 2 coats of Wattly Solarguard paint to protect them from the elements.

We can make various size feeders and bird nesting boxes to suit different birds and even possums if you wish.  Contact us for details.


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