This project came about as a result of a bench that was made for Jude's pottery kiln.  A friend asked if we could make a potting bench for use outside.  It would require some modifications to the pottery kiln bench, but with a bit of thought, it could be achieved.


It was decided that the bench needed to be 1500mm long to accommodate pots, potting mix and seedlings while working.  It would need a solid weatherproof top so it could be used outside.  Height was decided to be 900mm but then we decided to add castors to make it a total of 970mm.  The height can be simply adjusted to suit the height of the person who will be using the bench by making the legs shorter.

The bench is 600mm wide and has a routed rebate surround.  The tiles are laid inside the rebate on a bed of 12mm ply for greater support.

The castors on this particular bench include 2 that lock to prevent the bench moving.  They are both located at one end.  You could always add more locking castors if you wish, particularly at the other end.  It's not worth having them in the middle if you have both ends locked. The castors allow the bench to be stored out of the weather on a verandah but the bench can be moved around to work in the sun on a pleasant day.  They just provide more options.

There are two shelves on the bench which have been constructed from 43mm x 35mm slats. These were made by running down some 90mm x 35mm pine into two halves.  They have been spaced at 25mm to allow good drainage in the event of wet weather.  They are strong enough for storing all types of bits and pieces to be used in the potting process and even keep seedlings out of the weather.





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