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How The Woodwork Began

Small bee houses for pot plants

Whilst Covid 19 lockdown will create many bad memories for some, to some extent it was my saviour.  It forced me back out into my shed for something to do.

Several years ago Jude had attended a garden show with a friend of hers and brought home some small bee houses. I had no idea what on earth they were at the time except perhaps a waste of money.  I hadn't heard of native bees at that stage and hardly knew they even existed.  These little bee houses looked to me like nothing more than a decorative pot plant item.

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Shelving the Shed

The greatest asset any shed can have is plenty of good shelving space. Not only does this provide storage area, but properly planned, it also allows you to keep everything neat and tidy in the shed and everything in an organised place.

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Bird Feeders and Nest Boxes

Bird feeder

Birds are a fantastic addition to any backyard or area.  The first way of attracting various species is with native plants that the birds are attracted to for a food source.

Secondary to that is a water source, such as a birdbath and then perhaps a feeder might help as well.  

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Potting Bench

Potting bench with tiled top

This project came about as a result of a bench that was made for Jude's pottery kiln.  A friend asked if we could make a potting bench for use outside.  It would require some modifications to the pottery kiln bench, but with a bit of thought, it could be achieved.

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