Jude had finally decided to purchase a small pottery kiln for her mosaics. In the past, she used to make a lot of small pottery pieces which were incorporated into mosaics.  Some of these can be seen in older photos of her artwork. 


The kiln will be a small Tetlow kiln and will run from single phase 10amp power in the studio.  Fortunately, no additional wiring is required.  The kiln still reaches temperatures of 1100 degrees centrigrade which will fire the pottery pieces.

Of course a new bench was required to house the kiln, so this has ended up as a joint project now between Ric and Jude.  Ric built the bench from recycled pallets. Apart from the pallet wood, there has only been some plywood used to support the weight of the tiles and the kiln. We may put some more tiles up the wall behind the kiln but it should have enough air around it that there is no temperature issues.

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the kiln to arrive so Jude can start work.

Mirror mosaic using pottery pieces

Pottery kiln bench from pallet wood



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